The Moring Is Dangerous

As a former journalist or Flâneur, I have embarked on an urban adventure when I arrive in London, investigating the shifting social structure of the city through architecture and citizens. Positioned myself in the role of ‘the other’, from where I can experience in the first person the dislocation of the L’Étranger. 

There is a misalignment between imagination (Internet-based memories) and reality (new experiences). As new memories were created, the old ones appeared and were reorganized. This finding is really interesting to me. It was like in a state of drifting, in between waking and dreaming. 

Intersecting discourses around selective amnesia, collective memory, and post-truth, my practice is rooted in affect theory and draws from my own lived experience in urban environments. When I tried to question the relationship between these keywords, I realized that they all referred to a verb, “escape”. Why did I escape? At what speed and in what direction? Where would I go? I aim to investigate how an artist can awaken from anxiety, erase or transform it into impulse and find a way out to successfully escape into new relationships. Like Jessica in Memoria, I have noticed that my self-awareness is gradually realized by successive escapes.


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