'I’m increasingly pessoptimistic.'

This is a project about a nose.‘One day, the nose escapes from the face’. The soft, tiny, and sensitive nose, which is not allergic to pollen, but to cat hair, suddenly stirs awake. Taking inspiration from Nikolai Gogol's 'The Nose', this project evolves into a monologue wherein the runaway nose, escaping the face of anxiety, stages a first-person, stream-of-consciousness play. Meanwhile, 'Missing Nose' posters are strategically displayed in public spaces to add a touch of absurdity and playfulness to the textual project. 

The Chinese character for nose () also represents the self () in ancient Chinese. This artwork delves into the concepts of flâneurs and self-awareness, employing minimalist forms infused with personal anecdotes. It serves as a microcosm of the artist's own experiences in London life. Through this work, the artist endeavours to explore the hidden connection between aimless escapism and the quest for identity without definite answers. It reflects the ever-growing sense of 'pessoptimism' as humanity grapples with complex emotions.


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