'All truly great thoughts are conceived while walking', but…

'In Barcelona, my phone was seized by a man on a motorbike', an unfortunate but not uncommon incident. However, for a woman who takes pride in being a flâneur, someone who is self-organized and adept at solo travel, this event dealt a blow to her self-perception and was considered a traumatic experience. This prompted the artist to question the definition of a flâneur once again. 

The unexpected happens. Thinking about the aura of Walter Benjamin, she started to reconceptualize the word 'flâneur' in contemporary discourse. In French, the feminine equivalent of flâneur is not a female flâneur, but an indoor lounge chair. Apparently, the absence of women was not only present in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, but still in contemporary discourse. The urgency of the art is revived. 

Finally, we return to Paris, the birthplace of the term flâneur. This project is dedicated to the female flâneur (flâneuse) who, despite apprehension and having experienced the limitations imposed by society on femininity, possesses the strength to venture from 'A Room of One's Own' into the darkness, into the public sphere, engaging with urban spaces, and gaining insight into their own existence—a grand escape. Through a non-linear narrative, following the rhythm of Virginia Woolf's 'Street Haunting,' the video shares thoughts on the coexistence of resilience and vulnerability, a unique and feminine way of accumulating.


4'33" | 2'
Moving Image | Sound

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